Feanor's Workshop Latest Updates The latest updates to Feanor's Workshop http://www.feanorsworkshop.com/ Poetry (NEW as of 09-08-2017) newsIndex.php?name=poetry I wrote a couple new poems recently, and posted them to the blog, but only just got around to adding them here. There's a sonnet called Epistolary and a villanelle called The Thing About Mistakes. Enjoy! Thanks. Cop Movie Generator (NEW as of 07-10-2011) newsIndex.php?name=toys,cops I've now added a Google +1 button to the page, to join the Twitter and Facebook buttons. It should work dynamically, so you can use it to +1 specific cop movie premises. As always, let me know if you have any issues! Simpsons (NEW as of 06-20-2009) newsIndex.php?name=simpsons Over the years I've enjoyed reading and sending out the Simpsons Thought, and I hope you've enjoyed it, as well, but at the moment, due to a lack of contributions, and a lack of time and interest on my part, I'm afraid the Simpsons Thought is kaput. It's possible that I might bring it back in the future if I get enough requests or new contributions, so if you feel strongly about the Thought, post some new quotes, and/or shoot me an email about it. Thanks! Photography (NEW as of 11-30-2008) newsIndex.php?name=photography It's been nearly a year since I updated this section, and I probably won't update it again after this. I've decided to switch to Flickr as a platform for storing and displaying my digital photos. I'll leave this section on my site as an archive of my older photos, but from now on you can see my new photos at Flickr.com/photos/feanor1138/. Thanks for tuning in! Film (NEW as of 02-01-2008) newsIndex.php?name=film It's been a long time since I added a news update to this part of the site, and there's a good reason for that: I pretty much don't use it anymore. I've updated the introductory text at the top of the page to reflect that. I'll be keeping this part of the site open, but only as an archive of my previous film writing. For new film writing from me, please check out my blog and Phillyist.com. And thanks for reading! Google Games (NEW as of 12-17-2007) newsIndex.php?name=toys,google First of all, I've moved Google Games so that it now sits underneath the "Toys and Games" heading in the "Works of Hand" section of the website (don't worry, the URL will remain the same). I did this, I'll admit, partially because there was so little in the "Toys and Games" and "Works of Hand" sections, and so much in the "Works of Word" section, but also because, despite the fact that the Google Games have a lot to do with words, they are indeed games which involved some crafting and coding on my part, so I think they really do belong under this new heading.

Also, I have shut down the suggestion part of Google Games. This is because in the three and a half year history of this section of the website, no one has ever entered a useful or meaningful suggestion for a game that could be played with the Google search engine. If you do come up with a good idea for such a game, just send it to me here and we can talk about it over e-mail.

These were a couple of big changes, so definitely let me know if you have any issues. Thanks.