Saturday, January 12, 2008 09:06 AM
The Hulk Thought of the Day
 by Hulk

If elected, Hulk pledge to do the following things:

Hulk smash deficit! (Hulk thank Tarzan for this idea.)

Hulk decrease incidence of puny human death by giant robots by 85%.

Hulk repeal Super Human Registration Act.

Hulk make it easier to be green. (Hulk thank mouse robot for this idea.)

Hulk get tough on illegal immigrants, and kick all the Skrulls out of America. Hulk hate Skrulls!

Hulk ban further retconning of Spider-Man. Hulk like little Spider-Man. He not deserve that.

Hulk spend plenty on educating puny humans so they know not to mess with Hulk.

Hulk smash big business fat cats like Tony Stark!
Tagged (?): Hulk for President (Not), The Hulk Thought of the Day (Not)

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