Thursday, August 7, 2008 01:36 PM
Speaking of the vacation...
 by Fëanor amusing event took place at the time that I've somehow failed to mention yet. I must record it now for posterity. The short, funny version is: we got smashed on a pitcher of margaritas and then went to K-Mart. The longer, less funny version follows.

One night, poppy, my brother (hereafter referred to as Stee), his wife (hereafter referred to as Ev), and myself went out together on a "double date," leaving my folks at home to look after my niece. We ended up at what turned out to be a pretty awesome Mexican restaurant (La Fogata) and started working our way through a pitcher of margaritas. When we discovered we were all getting drunk, poppy was good enough to designate herself as the driver and stop partaking. When we finished dinner, it was suddenly decided that we should all go shopping. The most likely place seemed to be a surprisingly large and well-stocked K-Mart that was on our way home. When we got there, Stee and I wandered off to the firearms department, where we discovered they were selling a handgun in plastic clamshell packaging. Stee decided this was their form of gun control: once you bought it, you'd never be able to open the packaging in order to use it. We caught up with the women in the toys department where Stee and Ev were delighted to discover Race to the Mall, a questionable and yet somehow awesome Polly Pocket toy racetrack they'd been searching for for some time - ostensibly for their child, but they were pretty excited about it for themselves, it seemed to me, and even tried to assemble it later on that night.

I told you that version was less funny. Anyway, there you go.
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