Sunday, October 19, 2008 09:44 PM
Spit Ball
 by Fëanor

So, I really am getting to like baseball. I'm seeing the strategy and the drama of it, the tension and complexity of each at-bat. But one thing is bothering me: what the hell is with all the spitting? Seriously, every time they cut to the pitcher, he's spitting. Every time they cut to the bull pen, there's a whole line of guys spitting one after the other. Partially it's because a lot of them chew tobacco, but what the hell is with that? Who chews tobacco? How did that disgusting habit become a tradition in this sport? Sure, baseball is pretty unique among sports in the amount of time that players spend just sitting around not doing anything, so some kind of habit of the sort was bound to become popular just so they could keep themselves occupied somehow. But did it have to be something that involved all the spitting?
Tagged (?): Baseball (Not), Sports (Not)

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