Tuesday, February 3, 2009 08:37 PM
On the Viewer - Wolverine and the X-Men (Episode 1 - "Hindsight - Part 1")
 by Fëanor

[This is a recreation of a post I mistakenly deleted.]

I finally figured out where to watch this show online: Nickelodeon. The first episode is pretty good. It opens up a year in the past, with the X-Men all together at the Xavier Institute, but with Wolverine planning to leave and go off on his own. Just before he takes off there's an explosion, and when the smoke clears, the Institute is mostly destroyed, and Jean Grey and Professor X are nowhere to be seen. It seems as if they've been killed. After this event, the X-Men apparently fell apart. A year after the explosion, only Wolverine and Beast are still hanging out in the ruins of the Institute, trying to figure out what caused that explosion and what could have happened to their two missing comrades. While out wandering around, Wolverine takes a risk and saves a little girl from the flaming wreckage of a car accident. Her family, extremely thankful for his help, takes him in and hides him from the police force that hunts down and imprisons mutants: the MRD. But the MRD capture the human family and torture the father for information about Wolverine, so Wolverine and Beast sneak in and save them, along with all the other mutants they find in the MRD prison. But they know this conflict isn't over, and that the only way to change things is to get the band back together; namely, reform the X-Men.

It's a kids' show so it tends to be predictable, with corny, cliche dialogue. But it also has an interesting construction, jumping back and forth in time, and an intriguing story with decent action and some surprisingly adult moments. Plus it's true to the characters and the main storyline of the original comic. Wolverine and Beast sound and act like the Wolverine and Beast I know. And front and center here, right from episode one, is the central concept of the X-Men: mutants persecuted for being different by ignorant humans.

It's pretty good stuff! And I'll definitely keep watching, at least until it does something really stupid.
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