Thursday, February 5, 2009 12:48 PM
After reading my last post, you might ask...
 by Fëanor

...why was I in Old City taking pictures of men's rooms last night? Because Old City was the setting for a preview screening of Push that I was attending. My full review will go up on Phillyist tomorrow, but the short version is: great visuals, great ideas, great effects, great action, but a very weak plot.

Before I went to the screening, I stopped at Sonny's Famous Steaks to grab a bite to eat. They make a pretty fine cheesesteak, and plus X-Men: The Last Stand was on the TV, so it was good times.

Before I went to Sonny's, I stopped at Brave New Worlds to buy this week's new comic book releases. I don't normally go to Brave New Worlds, but since I was going to be in Old City anyway, it only made sense to stop there for my comics. But once I got there, I was reminded why I don't normally go there: it's really not a very good comic shop. First of all, they have an extremely limited selection of back issues, trade paperbacks, and hardcovers. Sure, they have a few sets of shelves devoted to back issues, but it's nothing like the vast expanse of long boxes in the back of Fat Jack's. As for their new release section, it's not particularly impressive, either. Just a few shelves stuck all the way in the back corner. I'm not sure I've ever gone there and found a copy of everything on my list for the week. They're always sold out of something. And this time they were sold out of three of the books I wanted. Now admittedly, I got there pretty late in the day, and the other shops I go to are occasionally sold out of stuff. But three books? C'mon, that's ridiculous.

So I'll be swinging by the Fat Jack's in Jersey tonight, if at all possible, to see if they still have copies of my missing books. And I'll be trying my best to avoid going to Brave New Worlds in the future.
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