Saturday, February 21, 2009 02:16 PM
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On the Viewer - Wolverine and the X-Men (Episode 6 - "X-Calibre")
 by Fëanor

Ha! As the ship goes by in the opening scene, its name is revealed to be the Ellis. That's got to be a Warren Ellis reference. The Captain might even be a caricature of the man himself, I'm not sure.

A lot of weird and interesting mutants in this episode! Some of them look familiar, but most I just don't know.

Why did the girl who can talk to machines think her power would not be useful in fixing the ship?? Uh, the ship is a machine! You can talk to it!

Nightcrawler rules. I love the way he got the water out of the ship's hold by repeated teleports. His power is very cool.

I'm actually not sure I was able to watch this entire episode. The video kept messing up and repeating itself. All the internet videos I watch today seem to be cursed. Anyway, what I did see was fun.

UPDATE 1: As it turns out, I was right and I had not seen the entire episode on my original viewing; there was a portion in the middle that I missed. But I got to see it eventually, and it was also fun. Nightcrawler did more cool stuff with teleporting, and that's always good.

UPDATE 2: Uh, and actually, I missed a section at the end, too! The pirates turn out to be aliens who are kidnapping the toughest mutants so they can come fight in some kind of space gladiator games. Nightcrawler manages to save all the mutants and beat the crap out of the aliens, and all without the X-Men's help! When they show up and ask him to come with, he says no thanks, he wants to see this through (meaning, he wants to help the other mutants get the rest of the way to Genosha). Kitty's pretty pissed, but Wolverine understands and lets him go. So... does that mean Kurt is joining the X-Men, after he gets back from Genosha, or does that mean Kurt's on his own and will just ask for help from the X-Men when he needs it? I guess we'll see in the coming episodes...
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