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On the Viewer - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 2, Episode 16 - "Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep")
 by Fëanor

I wasn't sure how I felt at first about Sarah's monologue on demons and the spirit world and so forth. I was a little worried they were going to try to bring vampires into the story now or something shark-jumpy like that. But after it became pretty clear she was just using an interesting metaphor, I decided I liked it.

Sarah, was it a great idea to call John and talk on your cell phone while approaching a building that you're planning to break into, and that you're pretty sure is linked to Skynet?? I'm just asking is all.

The scene with the coyote was very eerie and cool. Now I guess we're in a flashback at an insomnia clinic? That was rather jarring.

Ha! I like Sarah's roommate. As soon as she mentions her passion for younger men, in comes John. "Hey, tiger!" Look out!

Creepy moment: John tells Cameron the pancakes won't be as good as hers. Cameron smiles, and tells Sarah, "I added a teaspoon of vanilla to your recipe." Sarah responds, "I don't have a recipe." Cameron says, "The one on the box."

Wait a minute, is this a flashback in the clinic, or a flashforward? This sequence with Sarah getting kidnapped - is it a dream? Very interesting...

"I'll be back later to attach your electrodes." There's a line for you!

I really, really like Sarah's roommate. Great actress, great accent, great lines, great character. "I've died a thousand times. It never gets any easier."

Ooh, Sarah really got to her kidnapper by mentioning his wife. Good move!

Isn't it bad form to try to wake somebody up in an insomnia clinic? Oh, but maybe this isn't really an insomnia clinic? Now Sarah's monologue about the succubus, the old hag, and the incubus is making a lot more sense. And my comment about vampires is seeming a little prescient!

Jesus! Even without any sleep, Sarah can jump up and wedge herself into a corner of a stairwell's ceiling! She is crazy.

Cameron wants to know what it's like to dream. Damn, she's got the magic touch on the vending machine! Nice. I love how John turns around and tries to block the vending machine with his body so Sarah can't see what Cameron did. Heh.

Wow, Sarah is really freaking out. She's talking like a crazy person.

Okay, yes, the kidnapping thing is a dream. But I wasn't sure until past halfway through the episode! Interesting. (Actually, having seen it through to the end now, I remain unsure!) Also, really like this line from Sarah, to John: "I'm not supposed to defend myself. I'm supposed to defend you."

This is something I didn't realize, or forgot: if Sarah really did kill that guy at the factory, he's the first human being she's ever killed.

Oh, man, did Dana burn alive, just like in her nightmares? That's horrible.

So... Cameron's just walking around in her underwear now? Not that I mind, but...

Okay, they're claiming Dana's still alive, but is she? This episode is really quite interesting. The whole thing is about dreams, and also like a dream. You're never sure if what you're seeing is real or not. Really well done.

Heh. Silly nurse. Sarah's an expert at faking taking pills!

Interesting line from Sarah's kidnapper about torture: "It's not the pain that causes people to talk, it's the talking that causes people pain." Later he says, "My story is your story." Hmm.

Okay, admittedly, Sarah has reason to be paranoid, but I really think maybe this is just a sleep clinic.

Wow... now the clinic experience is merging with the kidnapping experience. This is so surreal. What part of this episode isn't a dream?

Oh God, it's brutal how Sarah gets out of the handcuffs. Jeez, she's hardcore.

The kidnapping is not a dream. Sarah is the demon.

That was a truly insane episode. I'm still not sure what was real and what wasn't! I love it! I also like how John and Cameron were pretty much comic relief in this episode. Excellent work all around.
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