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On the Viewer - Wolverine and the X-Men (Episode 7 - "Wolverine vs. Hulk")
 by Fëanor

I had only one thought when I saw the title of this episode: "This is gonna rule!!" And it opens with Hulk totally effing up some military team who seem to be trying to get away with a briefcase. Dude thinks he's safe once he gets in a helicopter. Man, you're not safe. You're screwed.

Wolverine's in the middle of a huge fight with MRD officers when Ultimate Nick Fury shows up, no doubt to recruit him to take out the Hulk. It's good to see the man with the eye patch in the show. It's interesting that everybody uses Ultimate Nick Fury now, instead of regular old white Nick Fury. I guess whenever you can get some diversity into your show it's good. Also, Ultimate Nick Fury is pretty awesome. He says, "Let me buy you a cup of coffee, Logan," and Wolverine says, "I should have taken my chances with the MRD." Heh. I always love it when this show just subtly suggests a deep history between the characters, without bothering to go into some long, expository explanation of that history.

Also, Logan was totally right about taking his chances with the MRD, as Fury blackmails him into taking on the Hulk. Wolverine says one day he and Fury will have some serious words, and Fury says, "I look forward to it. Heh. What happened to you, Logan? This kind of thing used to be your idea of fun!" Another thing I love about this show is how well they know the characters.

Well, Wolverine finds the Hulk fast enough! It's interesting how the Hulk and Wolverine are both flashing back to an earlier encounter. I wonder if that's a reference to the animated Hulk vs. Wolverine film that's coming out, or to some earlier animated series, or is it just something they're making up for this series?

Well, that's handy. Wolverine's got a little grenade that turns the Hulk back into Banner.

Ah, this episode is going to be more interesting than just a big fight between Hulk and Wolverine (as interesting as that would be). As usual, Fury didn't tell the whole story. There's another monster out here that the Hulk was sent in to bring out into the open.

I can't decide if it was a good idea or not for Wolverine to bring Banner with him on his quest to find the monster antidote. If Banner turns, Wolverine might have two monsters to fight - but then again, he might also have backup in his fight against the other monster.

Uh, I should have said other monsters, plural. There's a ton of them out here! It's a Wendigo, and it's infecting everybody it bites! D'oh.

You know, Wolverine is constantly unsheathing his claws, but very rarely actually using them. I guess Nickelodeon doesn't want their show to be all bloody.

Great scene: as Wolverine is totally overwhelmed by the Wendigo and its offspring, a roar comes from the helicopter wreck that Banner disappeared into. Wolverine says, "Uh oh," and out comes the Hulk. The Wendigo and all its friends go after the jade giant, and Wolverine staggers to his feet and says, "Yeah, and there's more where that came from!" Heh.

Hulk to Wolverine: "Hulk remember you!!" Uh oh, that's not good.

Yay, they're bringing out all the old tag lines! "Hulk is strongest there is!" Awesome.

Wolverine tries to warn Hulk the Wendigo is coming: "Hulk... Hulk, behind..." Hulk: "Hulk not a behind!" Aw, man. That was lame.

D'oh. The original Wendigo was also a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Figures. Fury was just testing out a different kind of super soldier out here.

It's funny that Hulk just accepts Wolverine's apology and his promise that he won't hunt the Hulk again.

Fury calls Banner and Wolverine just tools to use when he sees fit. Wolverine threatens him. Then he says, "Oh, and one last thing," and it looks like he's going to punch Fury, but instead he punches Banner. "Hulk wanted to say thanks, too," he explains. That's just awesome. Fantastic ending.

Exciting episode! Lots of action, and a fun story about S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, and the Hulk. I love that they keep bringing all these classic Marvel characters into the storyline. Good stuff.
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