Thursday, March 26, 2009 11:56 AM
Strange Thoughts, Notes, Ideas
 by Fëanor

  • I think my DVD player, which is about 6 or 7 years old if I'm counting back correctly (I bought it when I was still living in my apartment in Philly) may be going haywire. The film festival opens tonight, and this year Phillyist was offered screeners of many of the movies in the festival, which is really cool, because it means I've been able to watch a number of the films I wanted to see before the festival has even begun, and in the comfort of my own home, as they say. But last night I was watching this really exciting suspense/thriller/horror flick (Left Bank), and it had just reached the climax - the last ten minutes of the film - when my DVD player simply refused to play any more of the movie. I was freaking out until I realized I had a bunch of other DVD players in the house and I could try the disc in them. It wouldn't play at all in the laptop, but I was finally able to watch the end of the movie with no problems on the DVD player in the basement - which was actually a better venue for a horror movie about an evil hole in the cellar anyway. Some of the movies I've been able to watch while running on the treadmill in the morning, because they're foreign and have subtitles, so I don't have to be able to hear them. This morning I tried to do that, only to have the DVD player claim that it could not play either of the two screeners that I have left because neither were in the NTSC format. I find it hard to believe that out of all the screeners I've watched, I would just happen to have kept for last the only two that were not in NTSC format. I'll try the discs in some other players and see what happens, but I suspect by DVD player of lying to me.

  • I don't even know how to describe this; just something I thought up this morning: How-I-Could-Just-Kill-A-Man in a can, brought to you by Stab-A-Guy, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuck-Up-A-Dude Enterprises.

  • While rearranging the fridge this morning to get out the jar of jelly I needed, I realized you could probably make a reasonably interesting "Rearrange the Fridge" puzzle game. There'd be a group of levels where you'd have to rearrange the fridge to fit the items from a grocery store trip inside, with the levels varying in difficulty by how much was in the fridge when you started, how much was purchased at the grocery store, how big the fridge was, and how much time you were given to complete the task. Then there'd be another series of levels where you'd have to rearrange the fridge to get out a particular food item, or set of food items, in order to make lunch or something. In the early levels you'd be given counter space so you could take some items out of the fridge altogether and set them aside, but later on you would only be able to move an item from one spot in the fridge to another spot in the fridge.

    Then, naturally, there would be a bonus psycho level where you'd have to rearrange the fridge to fit a dead hooker in there.
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