Sunday, July 12, 2009 02:27 PM
Pasta Save
 by Fëanor

I'd just put the water on to make pasta yesterday when I realized there was no (non-moldy) pasta sauce left in the house. Noooo!!! I was so desperate for pasta sauce, and so averse to going out to get it, that I conceived a plan to try to make some myself. I thought perhaps a can of crushed tomatoes would be the way to go, but poppy pointed me in a different direction: she told me to get a can of diced tomatoes (I chose a can wherein the tomatoes were already flavored with garlic and olive oil), drain most of the water, heat it up, add tomato paste to thicken it, and then when it was pretty much ready to go, add spices, and some sugar to cut the acid. I followed her instructions, adding some squirts of tomato paste, liberal amounts of oregano and basil, and a few sprinkles of sugar. Also at poppy's instruction, I took the fresh mozzarella balls we'd picked up at the supermarket, quartered them, and threw them on the pasta along with some of the homemade sauce. It was ridiculously tasty, especially with a bit of salt to taste, and a piece of fresh baguette on the side. Huzzah!
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