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On the Viewer - Caprica (Episode 3, "Reins of a Waterfall")
 by Fëanor

As always, spoilers ahoy!

In this episode, the Graystones deal with the fallout of Mrs. Graystone's poorly thought-out announcement at the memorial; Zoe-bot tries to continue Zoe's original plan of escaping off-world and meeting a mysterious contact who was supposedly going to help; and the Adamas spiral down further into darkness.

I just know Daniel Graystone is going to end up on that talk show, and it's going to be really uncomfortable. Ugh. But it doesn't happen this episode, at least. Although there is an uncomfortable and creepy scene where the Graystones frak in front of their robot daughter, and the robot sort of averts its gaze in this really awkward way. It's also disturbing and fascinating that the Graystones are now convinced that their daughter was a terrorist and set off the train bomb, even though we know she did not. It's pretty upsetting to Zoe-bot, I think, that her parents simply take it for granted that she was a suicide bomber.

There's an awkwardly funny scene where Lacy keeps asking her teacher to go get her more accessories for her tea, perhaps simply to distract her and keep her away. Lacy is certainly not comfortable with Sister Clarice. And interestingly the other cult members at the school that Ben was in contact with were apparently unaware of Sister Clarice and did not associate with her.

Meanwhile, purely by chance, Zoe-bot and Lacy find Adama's daughter's avatar in that little pocket universe Daniel created to show her off to Adama, and they show her the way out into the larger holonet. Now she's just wandering around out there, lost. That's not going to turn out well for anybody. In fact, Mr. Adama is so pissed about his daughter's avatar being lost that he asks his brother to kill Graystone's wife. Woah!! That makes the show a lot more interesting. Also, it turns out Adama's brother is gay, and married to his partner. Caprica is a more forward-thinking place than I thought! Adama's brother is probably the most interesting character on the show. He's oddly likable, despite his criminal leanings, and somehow he seems to have more confidence and a stronger moral code than his theoretically straighter brother.

I was thinking about dropping this show, and this episode wasn't really convincing me otherwise, until that final scene when Adama asks his brother to "even it out." That really shocked me, and I feel like it's going to alter all the relationships in the show, and turn the story off into an interesting new direction. We'll see.
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