Monday, February 15, 2010 08:54 AM
Fondue: Fond of You
 by Fëanor

Yesterday, in honor of Valentine's Day, I made a cheese fondue for poppy and me. I'd like to say this was entirely my idea, but actually poppy suggested it to me. I was leaning toward this recipe for a Welsh cheddar and bacon fondue, and poppy independently selected the same thing, so that's what I went with. For the beer, I used a Yuengling. (Don't worry, there was nowhere near enough beer in the recipe to do any damage to Griffin.) For stuff to dip, I sliced up a baguette, chopped a red pepper, steamed and sliced broccoli and asparagus, and put out some pre-cooked and pre-sliced Purdue roasted chicken. Poppy and I agreed it was quite delicious. The asparagus, broccoli, and baguette went best with the fondue; the red pepper I think I'd skip next time. Something about the flavor/texture combination there didn't work quite right.

I was going to follow up with a chocolate fondue later in the evening, but poppy and I were too full and too tired. Maybe tonight!
Tagged (?): Chef Fëanor (Not), Food (Not)

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