Monday, February 15, 2010 06:52 PM
Well I'll Be Damned
 by Fëanor

The Film Society is actually going to throw together a spring film festival after all. I didn't think they'd be able to pull it off in the amount of time they had, but they're doing it. They're calling it the Philadelphia Film Festival Spring Preview. It'll run April 9-April 11 at the Prince Music Theater with about four films a day, and all the tickets will be free, but Film Society Members will have advance reservation and priority access (and hey, looks like I renewed my membership a while back, so I'm in!). The full list and schedule of films will be announced in March, and I'll be looking forward to checking that out. I might even be able to attend, but we'll wait and see how things are going with Griffin round about that time. Regardless, I'm glad the tradition of a spring film festival in Philadelphia has not come to an end just yet.
Tagged (?): Movies (Not), Philadelphia Film Festival (Not)

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