Friday, June 22, 2012 04:16 PM
A Dark Knight Rises Theory
 by Fëanor

I feel like I should record for posterity here a theory I have about The Dark Knight Rises, in case it turns out to be right. I guess if it is right I'm spoiling the movie for you, so to the extent that you think I might be able to correctly predict the movie's plot... spoiler warning!

It seems clear from the various trailers (the most recent one is here) that the movie is adapting, at least to some extent, the storyline from the comics called "Knightfall," in which the villain Bane breaks Batman's back. Here it looks like not only does Bane leave Batman severely injured, but also unmasked, his secret identity compromised.

In the comics, of course, Batman eventually got better, the way comic book heroes do, and that was that. But Nolan's interpretation of Batman has always been a pretty realistic one, and if he shows us Bruce getting his back broken, I don't see Bruce just getting over that. I think Bruce Wayne is going to have to quit being Batman after his encounter with Bane. But Batman isn't just one man; Batman is an idea, and that idea can't be allowed to die. And the movie isn't called The Dark Knight Falls, it's called The Dark Knight Rises. So Bruce will pass on the torch to someone else. The most likely candidate, it seems to me, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character. He pops up in the trailer a lot, but his purpose in the story is obscure. All we really learn about him is that he's a cop and he seems interested in Batman returning. He must play an important part in the story, and I think this is it: he's the next Batman.

Or maybe he's Robin? Or maybe Bruce gets over having his back broken by having Lucious Fox build him a mech suit? I dunno. Guess we'll see.
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