Saturday, October 9, 2004 09:39 AM
Vague Threats
 by Fëanor

On the way back from work on Friday, I had kind of a weird experience, which I realized was bloggable seconds after it occured. As I was walking down the street from the train station, an old woman accosted me from the other side of the road. She wondered if I could help her for a second. I was tired, eager to get home, and suspicious of random old ladies (might she not want to poison and stuff me?), but I wandered over. Turns out she had a coat way up in her closet that she couldn't reach and was hoping I could get it for her. She wanted to give it to Good Will. I warned her that I was pretty short, too, but I'd do what I could. And I did manage to get it down for her, by standing on a chair and using a rake in a hilarious fashion. She was very talkative, and I learned a bit about her son and her son's friend. I thought it was odd that she was so trusting, to just grab a random person off the street and ask him into her home. But not much goes on in this town, I guess. Also, she thought I was a high school student, God bless her.

As I was leaving, I asked her name. It was Poppy!

In other news, I won the lottery!

Actually, just a few bucks from a scratch-off and the Powerball. But still, kind of cool.

I am champing at the bit for Game Day. Two weeks is far too long a time to wait for my tastes. I sent out a crazy-detailed pre-registration form, and already used the responses, and a little math, to create a crazy-detailed schedule and information spreadsheet. Sarcasmo was appropriately amused and horrified.

I am disappointed that I couldn't work in a game of One False Step for Mankind, or its sequel. But nobody else was really interested in playing it, and I didn't want to force it on people. Still, the schedule is not set in stone. We'll see what happens. And there will no doubt be other game days in the future, when perhaps I will be older, more ornery, and thus more likely to force games on people.

Beware my future grumpy self!
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