Friday, June 22, 2007 12:29 PM
Does anybody read this blog anymore?
 by Fëanor

Is it all the comic book stuff? Is that it?

I discovered this morning that Wawa has chai, too. It's self-serve, and over $2 cheaper than a comparable amount at Starbucks! However, it's also not as good. Still, decent enough to be a good alternative if I'm ever desperate for chai/caffeine and have less than $2.

What have I been doing lately? Hmm. The usual, I guess. Lots of web development type stuff at Kenexa. Lots of writing, editing, and administrative stuff at Phillyist. Lots of buying and reading comic books. Lots of hanging out with my main lady and my favorite pooch. Missed movie night (sorry, folks). Oh, and also my father-in-law and I moved a bunch of furniture last night, and inevitably blood was shed, but nothing serious.

Also been watching lots of old Warner Bros. cartoons. Those things rock.

Busy weekend coming up. Baseball tonight, Man Day and King Tut tomorrow, then a party and perhaps other activities Sunday. Next week I get to see Transformers early! Woo hoo!

One last random thing. As long as we've been putting his food and water bowls out by the sofa near the entrance to the living room, our dog has been very odd about how he eats and drinks. He'd only do it in short bursts, and only if everyone in the house was in specific positions relative to him; usually everybody had to be far away and not looking at him. And he'd often drink and eat very little and leave lots of food lying around for a long time. It was frustrating. So recently, in a moment of weakness, we finally gave in and moved his bowls into his room. And since then he's been drinking and eating enormous amounts right away, and quite happily. Cleans his plate in minutes.

He's such a strange animal.

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