Monday, February 16, 2009 07:21 PM
On the Viewer - Battlestar Galactica (Season 4.5, Episode 5 - "No Exit")
 by Fëanor

Ooh, we're going to see what Ellen's been up to! It looks like downloading got her all her memories back. That's interesting. But why does this Cavil (first name John, apparently) remember her, as well? Anyway, I'm glad she doesn't bear a grudge against Tigh for killing her.

Hey, the Chief is really a Chief again! Woo hoo! Now I don't have to feel like I'm being inaccurate when I call him that.

Sounds like a bullet and a little brain surgery has helped Anders remember everything, too! This should be an enlightening episode!

Huh. So Ellen actually woke up with the head Cavil on the Basestar. Then how can he know and recognize Ellen and have all these memories of her? It seemed pretty clear that none of the regular Cylons knew who the final five were. I am puzzled.

It's sounding like the final five are the ones who designed all the other Cylons. And it looks like Boomer knew Ellen was one of the final five a whole year ago.

Damn it, Anders! Don't die, we need your information!!

Roslin nails Lee's character: "You're so hell bent on doing the right thing that you don't always do the smart thing."

So it was the arrival of the final five, after a long, long trip from Earth, that stopped the first Cylon war; the Centurions wanted to build human models, so the final five showed them how, and gave them resurrection technology, in return for ending the war. The final five gave the Centurions the eight human models. Oh boy, here we go again - there's another Cylon model we haven't seen yet! But apparently we won't; it sounds like it was boxed permanently a long time ago.

Cavil is really unhappy with the fact that he's a machine trapped in a limiting human body. And lucky for him, he can actually bring up this grievance with his creator! But his creator says she gave them free will and the capacity to love, so he should quite his griping.

Ha! The brain specialist is John Hodgman, the PC of the PC/Mac commercials. Nice cameo, dude!

So why did the final five give the Centurions the human models again, knowing what they did about the cycle of violence? Because the Centurions had a single, loving God (wow - it's the Centurions who started worshiping God!), a new element they hoped would change everything! Cavil was made first and helped in creating the other human models. But Cavil rejected God and love and killed his five creators. When they downloaded, he blocked their access to their own memories and gave them false memories. Then he inserted them amongst the humans, so they could see what humanity was really like, up close and personal. So Cavil's known what's really going on all along. He hid his knowledge of the final five from the others. Knowing who the final five really were, he tortured them, but kept them alive. Wow. Now he means to tear Ellen's mind open so he can learn the secrets of resurrection and get back what was lost when the resurrection hub was destroyed.

Daniel, the seventh model, was an artist and Ellen loved him especially, but Cavil couldn't stand her playing favorites, so he destroyed all the Daniels. This is such a twisted, dysfunctional family drama. Cavil is such a ruined creature.

The Chief can save Galactica - but only with Cylon technology, and that seems to be something the Admiral can't accept. But why? He was willing to accept the Cylon jump technology a few episodes ago.

And Boomer jumps ship with Ellen! Not entirely unexpected, but still cool.

And of course when Adama sees how deep the damage is to Galactica, he can't bear to lose her, and tells Chief to do whatever's necessary.

Quite an episode. A lot of the secrets and mysteries are now solved, and in very interesting ways. Although, as Starbuck is painfully aware, her story hasn't been explained yet.
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