Tuesday, February 17, 2009 11:31 AM
On the Viewer - Wolverine and the X-Men (Episode 5 - "Thieves' Gambit")
 by Fëanor

The X-Men have a collar that turns off mutant powers? That's kind of creepy. Ah, I see. It's one of Forge's more recent inventions.

Aww, Kitty has a shirt with a kitty on it!

I think Emma's nightgown is actually more modest than her X-Men uniform.

Heh. I just imagined Wolverine waking up in the middle of the night, sniffing, and running down with his claws out whenever anybody gets up for a midnight snack. In this case he's finding a robbery in progress, but still...

I think the dude who wanted the collar is the Senator who hates mutants, but I'm not entirely sure; he's kind of a generic guy in a suit and hard to recognize.

Wow. Gambit's accent is really bad. Admittedly, it was often really bad even when you were just reading it in the comic, but... wow.

Gambit is surprised when Wolverine starts cutting through a metal door. He chucks a couple of his exploding cards at the dude and says, "I trust you have had enough?" Um, have you met Wolverine?

Wolverine: "And you still sold out your kind for a little cash?" Gambit: "Absolument non! I sold out my kind for a large amount of cash." Heh.

Wolverine knows the rules of the Thieves' Guild? Good for him!

This episode was really just the start of a story, but it was pretty interesting nonetheless, and it's fun to see Gambit getting thrown into the mix.
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