Wednesday, March 10, 2010 01:31 PM
On the Viewer - Caprica (Episode 5, "There Is Another Sky")
 by Fëanor

Beware spoilers!

Joseph Adama is not holding together well. He's just laying around the house in his bathrobe.
Sam: "You call yourself anything you want, but first, you be a father. And when you can manage that, maybe I'll introduce you to your son."

Tamara wanders into a holoband game of Russian Roulette, gets shot - and doesn't de-rez. Now these people know she's something special. That's probably not good. And what really happens to an avatar when it gets virtually shot? What does that mean? This is where the metaphors start to get a bit confusing.

Joe's found out about his son skipping school, and he comes to take him back from Sam, but it might be too late. Sam quotes him an old Tauron saying: "If you lose something in the desert, and someone else finds it, it belongs to them, permanently." Wow.

This is cool: the roulette people are going to take Tamara into a holoband game and use her to rob a big player. She can't be de-rezzed by security forces. It's Grand Theft Auto: New Cap City! It's like they've stepped into a weird, alternate history film noir.

Guy: "It's not real, okay?"
Tamara: "It is to me."

Ugh. It's painful watching Joe trying desperately and unsuccessfully to recapture the past.

Amanda gives us an interesting glimpse into the Graystones' past. Then Daniel walks into a meeting and says holobands are dead and Cylons are the future. Then he talks about Cylons as slaves that people can make do anything they want. And he has the Zoe-bot rip its own arm off. Dude, that's effed up. Every time I think I like Graystone he goes and does something like that and I don't like him again.

I love that opening this guy's vault in GTA: New Cap City works just like a real video game - you have to have found the solution to the puzzle elsewhere, and then enter the code symbols in the right sequence.

Woah. Tamara made the security guards disappear with her will alone. She's The One!

Tamara learned the rules of this game pretty quick. And she's showing some of that classic Adama hardcore bad-assery.

Is dude gonna show up right in the middle of Tamara's funeral to tell her Dad her avatar is still alive in a holoband game? This is not going to go well.

Yeah, that went about as well as I figured. It looked like Joe was going to be able to move on, and maybe reconnect with his son, but now all that's lost - and so is he.

Another mind-blowing episode. I really appreciate a TV show in which, each episode, things actually happen, and the status quo is permanently altered. Caprica is a show like that.
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