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On the Viewer - Caprica (Episode 6, "Know Thy Enemy")
 by Fëanor

Spoiler alert!

Time for that little robbery to come back and bite Graystone on the ass. And it looks like there was even murder involved! That is officially Not Good.

Ha! Joseph went and bought himself a holoband, and now he can't open the clamshell packaging. I feel your pain, bro.

More LOLs! An avatar of Daniel Graystone welcomes Joe to the holoband, which freaks him the hell out.

Hey, the credits say that James Marsters is in this episode! Exciting.

Joe's yelling at the Graystone avatar, then all the sudden he's yelling at the real Graystone! I have to say, seeing them openly threaten each other is actually kind of a relief.

Uh oh, Graystone's chopping veggies again. That's never a good sign. Is he actually experiencing remorse over the deaths of Vergis' men? Man, I just can't figure this guy out.

Interesting. Clarice is not behind the recent bombings, but her young student friend thinks this Barnabus guy might be. Is it Barnabus Collins?? I smell a Dark Shadows crossover! Also, young dude is giving Clarice orders? That's unexpected.

Speaking of unexpected, at his meeting with Graystone, Vergis offers to buy Graystone's Pyramid team. He's a very clever and dangerous kind of scumbag. I like him!

Zoe-bot's tech dude is using online dating! And not getting any hits. Poor bastard. But really, that he's alone might have something to do with the fact that he has a sick obsession with a robot and spends all night dancing with it.

James Marsters is playing Barnabus, who turns out to be a seriously wacko religious nut who likes to go around wearing barbed wire on his arm. Excellent.

Xander: "There's something about this MCP we don't understand, and you know why? Because you fracking stole it! It's not ours!"
Heh. I like that guy.

Graystone: "The sweaty cash is bait for some kind of a trap, I know it. I just need to figure out what kind of mechanism it is."

Clarice has failed to maintain a friendship with Lacy, so now she's trying Mrs. Graystone. She's pretty awkward at this kind of thing, but she seems to be doing at least a little better this time. Anyway, getting her drunk will help.

Now Joe's using his legal contacts to try to track down the kid from the holoband. He is going to get himself into some serious trouble one of these days.

I don't think I've heard Zoe talk in the last three episodes. She's just standing around, getting insulted by her Mom, and having her Dad force her to rip her own arm off. Poor Zoe. (Of course, immediately after I wrote this, she started talking again.)

Clarice managed to download the data from Graystone's computer, so theoretically she got what she wanted - and a lot else besides. This should be interesting.

This young guy Lacy's taken up with, and who seems to be giving Clarice orders, is the same guy who built the bomb that blew up the train. That's messed up.

Aww, Zoe's sending her tech guy a message on his dating site. That's sweet and creepy at the same time.

Vergis is getting his Caprican citizenship. He's moving in. This can't be good for Graystone.

Now Zoe's meeting the tech guy in the holoband, which seems like kind of a bad idea. Where can this relationship really go? Also, he immediately recognizes that she looks like Zoe! But she's come up with a silly explanation for that - it's to keep the pervs away!

D'oh. Clarice is back on the pipe.

Joe's legal contact/friend is coming onto him. She likes a man with ink!

Vergis reveals why he really wants Graystone's Pyramid team: because he wants to take away what the man loves. I really like this guy!

Vergis: "You stole from me. I forgive that; that's good business. But the two deaths you are responsible for - those men were like brothers to me." Then he whips out his own Tauron tattoos. He goes on: "I'll take the team. I don't know if I'll ruin them or take the championship - whatever cuts you deeper. Then, I will find the next thing you love. Eventually I will destroy your company. But before that, you have so many precious things. Until the debt is paid."
AWESOME. I have a new favorite character.

This show is really growing on me. A shifting, engaging story, and plenty of interesting characters with more joining the cast all the time. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
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