Wednesday, May 23, 2007 01:35 PM
It's Comics Day/Movie Night Again!
 by Fëanor

Wednesdays are awesome.

There were only two things coming out this week that looked interesting to me. Both were graphic novel collections, and I already pre-ordered one on, so I'll just look for the one when I go to the comics store tonight. Along with all the backissues I want, of course. Here's my updated list.

Immortal Iron Fist #2, 3, 6, onward

The All New Atom #7, onward

All-Star Superman #7, onward
I read the collection of #1-6, and it was pretty damned amazing. Grant Morrison's fantastic, insane stories, which are kind of contemporary, wry, self-aware versions of the crazy golden age Superman (when every issue he was getting turned into a dog or traveling into the future or Lois was getting married to his evil cousin), coupled with Frank Quitely's gorgeous artwork (which involves lots of great big panels with big lush expanses full of lovely colors) is, indeed, an all-star combination.

World War Hulk, onward

Nova #3, onward

Ultimate Power #1-4, 6, onward

Punisher War Journal #1-3, 6, 8, onward

Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil #4

Buffy Season 8 #4, onward

Dark Tower #5, onward

Eternals #2, onward

All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder #2-4, 6, onward

Countdown #51, 49, onward?
I read #50 online, and might get the opportunity to go back and read 51 online. 50 was intriguing, but not mind-blowing. We'll see...

Batman #666, onward
I read #665, then went back and read #664, and decided I'm hooked. It's good stuff.

The Amazing Spider-Man #541, onward

Catwoman #67

Conan #40
I'm reading #39 now. If it doesn't get better, I might skip getting any more of these altogether. Not very exciting.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #21, onward
I read an issue each of FNSM and... Spectacular Spider-Man? I can't even remember the titles. Anyway, Spectacular was pretty awful, and Friendly Neighborhood was actually quite ridiculous, but it had the sense of humor and style of the original books, which is what I was really looking for, so I might follow it for a bit and see how it goes.

Astonishing X-Men #22, onward

Doctor Strange: The Oath
This is a new collection coming out this week. I want to see if I want to get into Doctor Strange, and this seems like a good opportunity to check him out.

Superman/Batman vs. Alien and Predator
This is the collection coming out this week that I already pre-ordered. It's bound to suck, but I'm getting it essentially for free thanks to a gift certificate, and anyway, I need to see this fight because, c'mon. Superman, Batman, Alien, and Predator!
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