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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 08:23 AM
The Hulk Thought of the Day
 by Hulk

Hulk pretty certain Hulk just saw puny human let dog poop on grass and then walk away without picking up. Hulk totally would have stopped to smash puny human if Hulk not been on way to important meeting with Fantastic Four.

P.S. Okay, Hulk just going to Baxter Building to try Reed Richards' new brownie recipe, but brownies very important to Hulk.

P.P.S. Anyway, Hulk not obligated to go around smashing every jaywalker Hulk see. Hulk busy! Get off Hulk's back already.
Tagged (?): Animals (Not), Dogs (Not), Manners (Not), The Hulk Thought of the Day (Not)
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Friday, July 10, 2009 12:07 PM
The Hulk Thought of the Day
 by Hulk

Hulk have hard enough time walking through narrow hallways built for puny humans, so Hulk get really enraged when group of puny humans decide to walk three or four abreast, filling up hallway with no consideration for puny humans or Hulks trying to walk in other direction. Of course, when puny humans finally look up from Blackberries and iPhones and see Hulk coming, puny humans usually scatter in fear anyway. But still.
Tagged (?): Manners (Not), The Hulk Thought of the Day (Not)
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Friday, June 26, 2009 04:05 PM
The Hulk Thought of the Day
 by Hulk

Hulk mentioned before that Hulk have to use huge, specially designed, adamantium-reinforced toilet. But sometimes when Hulk go into Avengers bathroom, someone in Hulk's stall! Even when other stalls empty! Puny humans don't need to use Hulk's toilet, but Hulk do! Toilet only for Hulk!

Even worse, sometimes Hulk find food in bathroom sink. First of all, why puny humans doing dishes in bathroom? That disgusting! Perfectly good sink for that in kitchen. Secondly, food go in trash can, not sink! Sink not have garbage disposal! Maybe food fall in sink by mistake, but then puny humans need to reach in, get food out, and throw in trash can!

Hulk would like to find puny human that keeps doing this. Hulk suspect Wolverine. Hulk never like that guy.
Tagged (?): Food (Not), Manners (Not), The Hulk Thought of the Day (Not)
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Monday, September 6, 2004 12:58 PM
Sculpture and Etiquette
 by Fëanor

Yesterday, poppy and I went to a cool place just off of exit 65B on 295 in New Jersey. It's called Grounds for Sculpture. It's basically a park full of sculptures (some of which are kind of like big, outdoor installations made to resemble 3D versions of famous paintings), and the grounds of the park are themselves also a sculpture. The place is beautifully maintained, and is full of some really neat artworks. Plus, the food at the cafe isn't bad, which is really rare for museum-type eateries. I'd been to Grounds for Sculpture before with my parents when I was in college, but this time I brought my digital camera.

While we were walking through the grounds, poppy and I were frustrated by the rudeness of some of our fellow visitors. The paths through the park are often a bit narrow, and in one spot, there was only enough room for four people to walk abreast. Four people were doing just that in our direction, and none of them got out of the way to let us pass. They basically forced us off of the path and onto the grass. This isn't really that big a deal at the park, since you kind of have to walk on the grass to see everything, but still.

This is a breach in etiquette that poppy and I have experienced many times before, and which I had hoped was a uniquely American problem, but these people were definitely foreigners. This kind of thing particularly bugs me because I really hate it when people are inconsiderate, and I myself always make a point of getting out of the way and walking single file if I'm walking with somebody on a narrow sidewalk and somebody else is coming the other way.

Anyway, my point is, go check out Grounds for Sculpture, but watch out for inconsiderate gangs of people who might force you off the paths.
Tagged (?): Art (Not), Manners (Not)
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