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Thursday, December 25, 2008 06:12 PM
(Last updated on Friday, December 26, 2008 01:57 PM)
Xmas Haul - Now with Pics!
 by Fëanor

UPDATE 1: I added some photos! Click here to see the entire Christmas set. (All pics of my niece have been marked private, to protect her from evil. If you are a relative who would like to see them and cannot, let me know!)

UPDATE 2: Added a new item that I just received.

Below are all the awesome gifts I got for Christmas this year. If I forgot a gift, a gift-giver, or attributed a gift to the wrong gift-giver, I deeply apologize. Please know it is no reflection on you or your gift, but merely a reflection on my very poor memory.

My personal haul
Stuff I got from poppy and poppy's Dad.

  • From poppy's Dad:
    • Garmin nüvi GPS - This was a big surprise, and a very cool gift. We already used it driving to my parents' house this morning; it told us a slightly different route than we're used to, which worked pretty well. Plus, we've already switched it to talk in a British accent, and named it Cassandra.

    • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed color changing lightsaber - Aww yeah. It looks like you're a good guy with a green blade until you click a button that extends spikes from the sides and changes the blade color from green to red. Then you stab your enemies! I have two other lightsabers in the basement; I'm tempted to bring them all up, load them up with batteries, and have people over for a giant lightsaber fight.

    • Vivitar binoculars with UV-coated optics - For spying on the neighbors.

    • $100 debit card

    • Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: Golden Plunger Awards - I'm one of those people who can't stand just sitting on the toilet doing nothing, and poppy's Dad knows this. I've already made use of this book; it's full of fascinating trivia.

    • Open It! - This is a very handy little gadget for opening hard to open packages. It's a pair of serious-looking shears with a tiny screwdriver and a razor blade hidden in either handle. I've already used it a lot opening other Christmas presents.

  • From my grandparents:
    • $30 Olive Garden gift card - Yummy!

  • From poppy:
    • LEGO Mars Mission Crystal Hawk - poppy knows I love the LEGOs, so she got me this cool little spaceship with a dude riding it. Then she stole it from me and put it together herself. But she has since taken it apart again so I can do it, so I'll forgive her.

    • Christmas Star Wars figures - These are three pseudo-super-deformed SW figures (Han, Chewie, and C3PO), repurposed for Christmas with holiday-themed accessories. Han has a wreath around his blaster, Chewie is holding a Christmas tree, and 3PO is wearing a Santa hat.

    • The Complete Superman Collection - A DVD containing every one of the Fleischers' fantastic, award-winning Superman cartoons. Truly awesome.

    • Flight to Mars - A DVD of a cheesy sci-fi flick! Should be fun.

    • Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms on DVD - My favorite of the animated Hellboy movies.

    • Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah - A graphic novel that I had on my wishlist, and that I actually know nothing about apart from the fact that Mike Mignola wrote it. But that's all I need to know!

    • Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by the Wu-Tang Clan - My first Wu-Tang CD. I suspect I will love it.

    • Bat-Manga! - A book of reprints of some odd Japanese Batman comics made I think during the '60s. Can't wait to check this out. The book is big, colorful, and beautifully designed.

    • The Marvel Vault - Very possibly my favorite gift this year. A huge book telling the entire history of Marvel Comics, from its beginnings to present day, with a lot of fantastic Marvel memorabilia secreted into plastic sleeves throughout the book, including reprints of sketches by famous artists, Marvel fan club cards, posters, postcards, and all kinds of other crazy little things. I'd never heard of this, but it looks amazing and I'm looking forward to digging into it.

  • My personal haul
    Stuff I got from my parents and my brother and sister-in-law.

  • From my parents:
    • Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk on DVD - Yes, my friends, it was a very Marvel Christmas for me. Excelsior!

    • $25 iTunes gift card - Most excellent. There's definitely a few albums lying around that I need to get.

    • Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman - I just discovered this existed recently. It's sort of a prequel to the His Dark Materials trilogy. Exciting.

    • The Goon: Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker - Nothing says Christmas like the Goon.

    • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War - Volume Two - Woo hoo! Been looking forward to this.

  • From Steve and Evelyn:
    • Brookstone Mini Charging Valet - A handy dealie for storing your devices while they charge.

  • From our friends Susan and Matt:
    • The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures - We haven't known Susan and Matt for that long, but somehow Susan was still able to guess I would like this. She was right! I love books full of monsters.

Poppy also got a lot of cool stuff, and the pooch received some fun toys and treats (although he got nothing from us, because we're terrible dog parents). All-in-all, it's been a pretty awesome Christmas. Hope yours was as good!

All our gifts under the tree
All our stuff safely ensconced under the tree.

Floyd enjoys a Christmas present
The pooch enjoying his present from his granddad.

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